Mukhtasar Al Quduri

Mukhtasar Al Quduri was Written by the Famous Jurist of 5th Century Hijri Allama Quduri.

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His Complete name is Allama Shaikh Abul Hasan Ahmed Bin Muhammad Bin Ahmad Bin Jafar Al-Quduri Al-Hanafi Al-Baghdad.

On almost in each and every Madrasa Mukhtasar Al-Quduri is in the Syllabus. 

According to Scholars

Mukhtasar Al Quduri has Quranic Verses, Hadith, Fatawa of Sahaba and Tabaeen as Text, rarely some Masail are extracted based on Usool.


Key Features of Qudoori

  • Text consist of Quranic Verses, Hadith, Fatawa of Sahaba and Tabaeen
  • Teached in most of the Madaris
  • 123 Topics out of which 61 Topics Heading is KITAB and 62 Topics Heading is BAAB
  • Easy and understandable language
  • Matan (text) for famous book AL-HIDAYA
  • Out of Million Masail, it has only 12000 important Masail discussed.
  • Many commentaries in Arabic and Urdu has been written on Mukhtasar Al Quduri.

You can read more details regarding Mukhtasar Al-Quduri in Urdu here

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