One of the most memorable days in History of India is 15th August. It is the day on which India got the blessings of Freedom from British Rule after a long struggle and sacrifices.

In order to make their power British rulers had resorted to all sorts of tricks, bribes, greed, distorting facts and spreading misunderstandings. They broke the mountains of oppressions on the innocent people of India, Unjusticingly hanged the people and fired at them in an unjustifiable manner.

In order to stop their oppressions and free them from the shackles of slavery our brave Freedom fighters left no stone unturned and took satisfaction only after liberating the country.

The Struggle and sacrifices of our freedom fighters paid off on 15th August in 1947.

The freedom fighters like Mahatma Gandhi, Subhash Chandra Bose, Bhagat Singh and many more rightly got their share of credit, but the contribution made by Muslims in India’s Freedom Struggle is largely ignored.

Maulana Abul Kalam Azaad and Tipu Sultan probably the only two names which come to our mind if ask about Muslim freedom fighters of India.

The Modern Indian history books or Syllabus has no space for many other Brave Souls who lived, fought and died to see our country free from British rule.

Shaikhul Islam Maulana Mahmood Hasan Deobandi:

Maulana Mahmood Hasan Deobandi was actively involved in Indian freedom struggle, he was against British rule.

He was granted with the title of “SHAIKHUL HIND”. He was the Chief and Shaikhul Hadith of Darul Uloom Deoband. He served as a principal for about 50 years in Darul Uloom Deoband.

Silk Letter Movement

He was the founder of “Silk Letter Movement”(Tehreek e Reshmi Rumaal).

When the Plan of Silk letter Movement busted/revealed, he was arrested by British Government and was imprisoned in Jeddah for a month and then transmitted to Misr after that he was appeared in court.

British considered him as a rebel of government. Every one thought he will be hanged but fortunately Police couldn’t prove his rebellion then he was transmitted to prison of Malta.

Title Shaikhul Hind

After spending 5 years he came to India where Muslim Scholars and people did grand welcome of him in Mumbai and granted him the title of Shaikh-ul-Hind”.

In India Khilafat and non-cooperation movements were on bloom. Universities, goods and everything of British were boycotted by Indians that was the foundation of a Communities University which was inaugurated by Shaikhul Hind, now a days it is known as National University Jamia Millia Delhi.

After struggling for independence of India and standing against injustice, in 1920 he met the maker.

Written by Sana Begum of AIM high School. Currently studying intermediate 2nd year.