Need vs Desire

By: Aqib Safi Qasmi (MBA, B.Ed.,TESOL)

Academic Director AIM High School

Image Credits Unsplash

Why do we work hard? Why do we toil ourselves in scorching heat? Why do we labour in freezing cold?

The answer is no rocket science. It is simple.

The ultimate cause of working hard is to meet our needs.

So long as we are content with meeting our needs and requirements, we will be happy. But once we hanker after fulfilling our desires, we can’t be happy because human desires know no bounds.

These days we see many people complaining about their income and livelihood. Since their focal point is to fulfil their desires, they are never thankful for what they have.

They are driven by insatiable hunger for leading a luxurious life. I don’t contradict with their dreams and desires, nor do I prevent them from working hard.

But I want to deter them from being selfish and self centered. We are undergoing this unprecedented lock-down. Nobody knows when this lock-down will climax. The clouds of uncertainty are hovering around us. During these challenging and daunting days we must extend a helping hand to our fellow citizens. It is easy to say that stay home and stay safe. People from organized sector, people working in MNCs and people who are regularly salaried are not adversely affected by this calamity. But what about daily wage workers? What about middle class people whose self-respect doesn’t let them beg for food and sustenance?

It’s high time to stop thinking about our desires and start feeding the poor. Our work must be on humanitarian grounds. We mustn’t classify masses based on religion. While helping others, Islam tells us to give equal regard to everyone.

Dear readers, it is said by the Paragon of Allah’s creation Hazrat Muhammad PBUH that if you show mercy on the people, you will be shown mercy from the almighty.

Eid shopping is our desire. Let us not go after unending desires. Let us be satisfied with meeting the bare minimum. Let us take an oath today to switch our shopping with charitable work. We can celebrate our Eid even with old clothes. Now garments are not mandate. But to feed a hungry is an act of great virtue and in-sha-Allah it will bring long lasting prosperity and happiness in our lives.