Neo School Aizza High School, Malakpet, Hyderabad

Neo School Aizza High School

Where The Mind Is Without Fear

Vision of Neo School Aizza High School

Neo School Aizza instills discipline, cultivates fluency of the English language along with laying a sound foundation in Mathematics to enable the child to achieve great heights of success and have a “Mind Without Fear”.


Mission of Neo School Aizza High School

Neo School Aizza will provide each student with the outstanding training, facilities, and attention they need to be successful, well-rounded citizens in a competitive world. We at Aizza School believe that a comprehensive education is the key to opportunity, and our mission is to grant each child that key.

Values of Neo School Aizza High School

In Alignment with the School emblem “The Eagle”:

  1. An accurate vision with the ability to focus on goals which lead to perfection.
  2. Face challenges positively to conquer and improve oneself.
  3. To soar to greater heights of success by leaving your comfort zone.
  4. Commitment, Courage and Character in every aspect of life.

Special Aims of Neo School Aizza High School

  1. Provide a modern education
  2. Make our students loyal citizens
  3. Make schooling a joyful experience
  4. Raise the standards of the community
  5. Encourage originality & divergent thinking
  6. Inspire excellence in every field

History Of Neo School Aizza

Neo School Aizza High School Founded in 1876

On the 21st of Rajab 1295, Hijri 1876 a pioneer in the field of education, Moulvi Shaik Ahmed Hussain Saheb, Nawab Rafat Yar Jung founded the ‘Madrasa-E- Aizza’, with the express object of imparting liberal, scientific and professional education to the children of his community. Read Complete History

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