On behalf of Telangana Government, Minister KTR appealed to IT and Industry heads to ensure that no employee – regular, contract or! outsourced, lose their job during this crisis.

Ram Kalvakuntla
Kalvakuntla Taraka Rama Rao – KTR
Minister for IT, Telangana


The present Corona pandemic has brought extreme hardships to all sections of our economy. I appreciate that in Telangana. Government along with the private sector and various charities and philanthropists are striving their best to manage the health situation and also provide relief to the most needy. The combine effort under the leadership of our Hon’ble Chief Minister has been appreciated far and wide.
I am aware that different industry sectors are facing multiple challenges due to lock-down that has led to loss of production, loss of revenue and shrinkage of market. Yet, humanity demands that in this period of crisis, we are very compassionate towards the work force that has served us for so many years. On behalf of the Government, I appeal to you ensure that no employee, regular or contractual or outsourced, loses his job, whatever be the situation. As a company, you may consider other forms of cost cutting including pay cuts, deferment of increments/bonuses etc. In the Government itself, salary deferments have been announced for Hon’ble Chief Minister and all the Ministers. Senior Officers and employees of all levels.
As an Industry leader and a responsible citizen, I urge upon you to heed the above appeal and refrain from any job cuts and terminations. I am confident that as soon as we are able to come out of this crisis. The industry is bound to grow again. and the Government will ensure that the enabling conditions due to which Telangana has become the most progressive state for doing business will maintain its position as before.