Urdu Website Designer Online in Hyderabad

Now-a-days with growing technology, website is must for almost each and every sector, whether it is non religious sector or religious sector. Likewise, for Urdu World Urdu Website is must for growth.

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As many website designers don’t know Urdu or they are unable to read or write Urdu Language, as well as they don’t know the special Urdu Fonts used in Urdu langauage. So there is a difficulty for Urdu users to have their own website in Urdu Language.

So, here is the Solution,

Bajrai Online Solutions has a team of dedicated people where they can design Websites in English as well as in Urdu Language.

Recently, Deputy CM of Telangana Mr. Mahmood Ali sir inaugurated the Urdu Website design and developed by Bajrai Online Solutions.

The Urdu Website was designed for Sufi Sultan Shuttari sahab, it is a poetry website.

The Website has pdf files and Unicode Text of Sheri Majmua of Sufi Sultan Shuttari Sahab.

You can have a look at the Urdu Website Sufi sultan shuttari dotcom

Anyone who want their website in Urdu Language can contact us, we will definitely have reasonable prices with Good Quality service.

Recently, the other websites designed by Bajrai Online Solutions are Bajrai Online Solutions, Hyderabad Rishte India dotcom.