According to Siasat

Corporate social responsibility by The Siasat Daily and BANTIA furnitures to contribute P. P. E. Kits(Personal Protection Equipment Kit) on subsidized Price for Medical institutions, clinics, wards, laboratory, other general isolation use and individual use at just ?. 650 per kit.

Kit consists of

  1. Full body gown with hood
  2. 3ply face mask (1 pcs)
  3. Shoe cover upto knees (2pcs)
  4. Gloves (2 pcs)
  5. Garbage bag (1 pc)
  6. Sheild (1 pc)

Made from an ISO certified company

  1. 70 GSM fabric
  2. Non woven fabric
  3. Anti bacterial fabric.


Akash: 9246655774

Majid: 9000785723

Arun: 7095600510

Chandu: 8106206345