Paratha House, Sayeedabad, Hyderabad

Paratha House, Sayeedabad, Hyderabad

Paratha House Makhan maar ke.

A house of variety of Stuffed Parathas.


Variety of Parathas and Other items at Paratha house:

  1. Aloo Paratha,
  2. Kheema Paratha,
  3. Kabab Paratha,
  4. Chicken Paratha,
  5. Gobi Paratha,
  6. Sada Paratha,
  7. French Fries,
  8. Shami,
  9. Rumali Roti,
  10. Fish Fry,
  11. Talahuwa gosht,
  12. Daal Fry

Paratha House is located in Sayeedabad opposite Lane of Imperial Hotel, infront of Sayeed function hall Sayeedabad, Hyderabad.

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