Qisasun Nabiyyeen Part I is the masterpiece of Hazrat Maulana Abul Hasan Ali Nadwi Rahimahullah.

Qisasun Nabiyyeen is an Arabic Literature or Story Book for Kids.

Reason behind Writing Qisasun Nabiyyeen

According to Alimiya Nadwi Rahimahullah (Maulana Abul Hasan Nadwi is known as Ali Miya Nadwi)

The reason behind Writing Qisasun Nabiyyeen was

He saw his Nephew( Muhammad Bin Abdul Ali Al Hasani) who was very greatly interested in reading the Story Books like every kid. But Sadly at that time Only stories of cats, dogs, Lion, donkeys, wolf etc.

He(Maulana’s nephew) started learning Arabic Language because it is the Language of Quran and Sunnah and it is the language of Islam.

Maulana Ali Miya Nadwi was not feeling good because the Stories which were present in the Arabic Language for kids at that time were not appropriate for the Kids of that age.

So, Maulana Ali Miya Nadwi Rahimahullah started writing The Stories of Prophets for kids(??? ??????? ???????)

Significance of Qisasun Nabiyyeen Part I

  • The book is in the Arabic Language
  • Qisasun Nabiyyeen is for kids
  • Stories of Prophets in easy Arabic so that the Kid get two benefits; he will learn Arabic and he will know the Stories of Prophets
  • The sentences and words are repeated so that the Kid will learn those sentences
  • Qisasun Nabiyyeen part I starts with the Story of Abul Ambiya Hazrat Ibrahim alaihis Salam.
  • The second part of Qisasun Nabiyyeen Part I is the Story of Hazrat Yousuf alaihis Salam.
  • The Story of Ibrahim alaihis Salam has 15 lessons and The Story of Yousuf alaihis Salam has 25 lessons.
  • Qisasun Nabiyyeen is one of the best Books for Learning the Arabic Language and Arabic Phrases for Kids as well as for adults who want to learn Arabic
  • Qisasun Nabiyyeen is the Syllabus book in almost all Madaris.

So, for beginners of Arabic Language Qisasun Nabiyyeen Should be the First book they read as it contains lessons in the storytelling way. So that they can learn Arabic phrases easily.

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