Republic Day 2021 Speech for Students

Great Morning to my regarded Principal Madam, my respected Sir, my madam and my everything associates.

I would like to say thank you to give me such an incredible chance to talk something on our republic day. My name is Habeeb Anas from class V.

Today we as a whole are here to celebrate 72 republic day of our country. This is an incredible and favourable event for everyone of us.

We have to welcome each other for republic day and we have to pray from God to enhance our country.

We observe Republic Day in India consistently on 26th of January as the Constitution of India came into constrain at this day. We are consistently praising the Republic day of India since 1950 as on 26th January in 1950 India Constitution came into constrain.

India is a fair and democratic nation where open is approved to choose its pioneers to lead the nation. Dr Rajendra Prasad was our first president of India since we got autonomy from the British run in 1947, our nation has built up a ton and considered as a part of effective nations.

Together with a few improvements, a few disadvantages have likewise emerged such disparity, destitution, unemployment, deficient, absent of education and so on we have to promise today to solve such issues in the general public to make our nation best nation of the world.

Thank You.

This speech has been written by Habeeb Anas a 5th class student of St.Josephs Public School, Hyderabad.