Barley Sattu is one of the best ways to keep your health on track. What else you can need when you are getting the best of the best?

Try and find the changes in your life with no side effects. It is herbal and 100% safe of all ages and genders.

Even Children can use and can get healthy with Shaafi Barley Sattu.

Advantages of Barley Sattu

  • Reduces general debility
  • It’s act as antacid and diuretic.
  • Works as the best food substitute
  • Gives Strength to body nourishment.
  • Good for high blood pressure patients
  • Helps in purifying blood and boosts energy
  • Everybody can consume this barley sattu
  • Diabetic patient can take, as it is safe with no side effects.
  • Increases hunger and gives power in manly hood.
  • Specially effective for ladies propblems (stops flow of blood) and bring backs to normal.

Barley is used for

  • Lowering blood sugar, blood pressure and choledyrol
  • Promoting weight loss
  • Barley is used for cancer prevention and treatment of lungs problem called bronchitis
  • Barely is applied to the skin for treating boils
  • Barley is also used for increasing strength and endurance
  • It is also used for digestive complaints including diarrhoea, stomach pain and inflammatory bowel conditions
  • Barley is used as a food grain and natural sweetener

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