Shaafi Hair Oil is a magical blend of all Natural, Pure & Special herbs selected for their unique abilities to promote healthy hair and scalp.

From the finest herbs available on earth, we have prepared an oil which promotes hair growth, stimulates blood circulation, reduces bacteria, helps prevent dandruff and clear many body pains.

Benefits of Shaafi hair oil

  • >Increases and Promotes Hair Growth.
  • >Capable to change White Hair into Black Hair.
  • >Also helps cure many Body Diseases.
  • >Stops from Falling of Hair.
  • >Strengthens Hair from its Root.
  • >Helps reduce Hair Breakage.
  • >After applying daily, will help in Black, Shiny, Long and Healthy Hair.
  • >Clears/Removes Dandruff.
  • >Helps in curing Alopecia Illness.
  • >Relieves Tension, Stress & Worries.
  • >Strengthens Brain Power.