Shawarma Junction is a Shawarma Sandwiches, Rolls shop in Paramount Colony, Tolichowki Hyderabad.

Menu of Shawarma Junction is

  1. Shawarma
    1. Chicken Shawarma in Rumali Roti
    2. Chicken Shawarma in Samooli
    3. Chicken Shawarma in Khuboos
  2. Special Shawarma
    1. Special Chicken Shawarma in Roomali Roti
    2. Special Chicken Shawarma in Samooli
    3. Special Chicken Shawarma in Khuboos
  3. Shawarma Platter
    1. Shawarma Platter in Rumali Roti
    2. Shawarma Platter in Samooli
    3. Shawarma Platter in Khuboos
  4. Rolls
    1. Regular Chicken Sheek Kabab Roll
    2. Special Chicken Sheek Kabab Roll
  5. Sandwiches
    1. Veg Sandwich
    2. Chicken Sandwich
    3. Chicken Nuggets Sandwich

Shawarma Junctions is available on Swiggy and Zomato.

Address and Contact No of Shawarma Junction

# 164,Gate No. 2,
Paramount Hills Colony,
Hyderabad , Telangana 500008