SoapSouq is a Handcrafted soaps home-based Business in Hyderabad.

Different Types of Hand made Organic Soaps

  • Olive Oil Soap,
  • Coffee Soap,
  • Haldi Kesar soap

SoapSouq uses natural ingredients , 100 % organic . Everything handmade.

Milk Soap

Sans fragrance . Sans color . A simple Milk soap with goodness of Olive oil and kokum butter ; keeping it simple .

Extreme Neem Soap with Tea Tree oil.

Neem is renowned for its healing properties. The fatty acids in Neem claim their place for skin rejuvenating , anti fungal , anti microbial and so much more .
Provides an almost quick result in arresting skin breakouts and reducing scars left behind .
Reduces pigmentation too .
All this and it comes with the refreshing fragrance and goodness of the humble Tea tree oil.

Can be customised .

Haldi and saffron soap

This here is a winner . The magical combination of haldi and saffron works best to provide an instant and lasting glow , reduces suntan and pigmentation. Also a mild and gentle exfoliation from haldi too. Fragrance comes from saffron .

Geranium and cedar wood Soap

The floral fragrance of Geranium and the woody-earthiness of Cedarwood combined gives a calm.
Both are antibacterial , anti-inflammatory and reduce stress and breakouts

This handmade soap has the nourishing goodness of kokum butter and olives.

Can be customised.

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