Tamreenun Nahw is a Nahw Exercise Book in Modern Style of Teaching

Tamreen un Nahw is Written by Maulana Muhammad Mustafa Nadwi Rahimahullah. Maulana Abdul Majid Nadwi added Some exercises and Rules. 
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Reasons of writing Tamreen un Nahw

In Old Syllabus of Darse Nizami and Madaris of sub continent, Arabic Grammar – Nahw and Sarf books are based on Rules and to explain that rules they give one or two examples which are not enough for small students or beginners. So, Nadwatul Ulama and his Mentors decided that we should have a book on the pattern of AN NAHWUL WAZEH, so that the student can grasp the Language with dozens of examples. For this reason Maulana Abul Hasan Ali Nadwi Rahimahullah Requested Maulana Mustafa Nadwi Rahimahullah to write Tamreen un Nahw.

Key Features of Tamreenun Nahw

  • Tamreen un Nahw is Written in the modern style with focussed on exercises.
  • Each and every Lesson starts with some Arabic Sentences, then the author explains one or two sentences in detail. So that the student can understand the pattern of sentence easily.
  • After the explanation of sentences, Tamreenun Nahw has Qawaid (Rules) of that Examples or lesson.
  • After Qawaid(Rules) Tamreenun Nahw has a lot of exercises based on the lesson.
  • A range of Exercises given in Tamreenun Nahw are Fill in the Blanks, writing the sentences on different situations, Recognizing the topic explained in the lesson and more..
At last, Tamreenun Nahw is one of the best books for teaching Nahw (Arabic Language) 

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