Tolichowki – a Major suburb in Hyderabad

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Today Bajrai Online Solutions are blogging about Tolichowki – a Major suburb in Hyderabad

Tolichowki is one of the historical places in Hyderabad. Tolichowki is in the way to the most famous historical places like 7 Tombs and Golconda fort. As well as tolichowki is close to IT sector of Hyderabad Gachi Bowli, Hi Tech City, Madhapur…. Therefore Tolichowki became the preferred residential area for IT professionals.

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According to Wikipedia,

“The name Tolichowki comes from the Urdu word ‘Toli’, meaning ‘troupe’, and ‘Chowki’, meaning ‘post’. During the period of Abul Hasan Tana Shah, the troops of Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb Alamgir set a military position in this region, which is in the vicinity of the Golkonda Fort of the Qutub Shahi kingdom.”

During the period of Qutub Shahis, there is a toll gate at this place and the traders who are visiting Golconda Fort has to pay Toli or damri as tax at Chowki. So the name Tolichowki came into existence.

According to HansIndia

“The fort had flourishing trade links with kingdoms from far and wide and traders used to visit the Golconda Fort regularly. The toll gate at the entrance of the fort was of much of importance during the reign of Qutub Shahis. The traders used to pay toli or damri as tax at the chowki. Over a period of time, the chowki where toll was collected came to be popularly known as Tolichowki.”

Now a days, Tolichowki is quite famous for Mosquitoes in its vicinity. Many jokes and pranks are made on this topic.

Restaurants and Hotels

Many Restaurants and hotels are there in Tolichowki. One the Famous and Landmark is Rumaan Restaurant at Tolichowki Chaurasta i.e.x X road.

Arbaab hotel at the chaurasta of Tolichowki was quite famous.

Shah Ghouse Hotel , Shehzade Restaurant are also there.

The famous Yousuf Tekri  Food Court Complex is also there in which Siddique Kabab Centre, Mandar and 4 Season famous restaurants are serving the people.

Shalimar Sweets, Minerva Sweets are quite famous sweets shops there and BakeWell Cake House is very famous for its delicious bakery items.


At Tolichowki Chaurasta (X road) in the way to Hakimpet, the Tolichowki’s Famous Bazaar is there where you can find many things of day to day life.

Wedding wear showrooms like Kashish , Zooni centre have there branches in tolichowki.

There is a line of Medical Shops at Tolichowki Chaurasta and every shop is quite full everyday.

Many Colonies are there in it namely the growing one The Paramount Hills, Surya nagar Colony, Brindavan Colony, MD Lines etc.

So, Tolichowki is one of the historical and famous places of Hyderabad .