What After Intermediate? Degree Courses

There are different degree courses, a student can do after completion of Intermediate specially CEC.

The detail options after Intermediate is given here.

The students can opt for Bachelor in Arts ie BA.

The different options in BA are

  1. BA-HEP
  2. BA-HTP
  3. BA-Linguistics
  4. BA-Economocs
  5. BA- Psychology
  6. BA-Fin arts
  7. BA- Political Sciences
  8. BA-Sociology
  9. BA- Library Sciences

The other option for intermediate students is of B.Sc. The different B.Sc courses are listed below.

  1. B.Sc- MPC
  2. B.SC-MEC
  3. B.Sc-Appli. Math
  5. B.SC-CPZ
  6. B.SC-Horticulture
  7. B.Sc-Computer
  8. B.Sc-Home Science
  9. B.Sc-Bio-chemistry
  10. B.Sc-Micro biology
  11. B.Sc-Bio-Tec..
  12. B.Sc-Anthrop
  13. B.Sc-Dairy science

The basic option after Intermediate for CEC students is of B.Com. The different B.Com courses are

  1. B.Com-Regular
  2. B.Com-Computers
  3. B.Com-Bank Management
  4. B.Com-Tax Proce.

Another option is of Law ie of LLB

  1. BBA(Bach.in Busi. Admin
  2. BCA(Bach.in Com. Appli)
  3. BBM(Bach.in Busi. Mane
  4. BAF(Bach.in Accou&Fin)
  5. BFM(Bach.in Fin. Mane)
  6. BMS(Bach.in Manag, Stu.