Want To Know About Train Exact Location?

Have to receive guest from the train and want to know where are they exactly?

Said Good Bye to relatives on the train and want to know their exact location updates?

So read on….

We were travelling to Nagpur from Secunderabad Station.

We were in the train in the night. We slept in the night. In the morning I don’t know exactly where were we. Because I rarely travel.

One of the passengers in the train he said me that we are at X destination and he asked where are you going?

I said we are going to Nagpur, he said Oh! You will reach around 9:30. I asked him, about the App he was using to know the train location.

He said me it is a good App download it from Google Play Store. The name of the App is “Where is My Train”.

I also downloaded the app and fetch the details.

Other than Train location it will show you train speed and other good options are present for regular traveller.

Just you have to write the Train Number and it will fetch you the details.

One more feature I forgot to mention is: Where is My Train App has almost 8 languages including Hindi and Telugu.

App will fetch train location without Internet also.

To download Where is My Train App from Play Store Click here.

Many times I think that what the era of Science and Technology we are in. Almost everything one can track.

Abu Amina