Who is Prophet Muhammad ?

Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) was the last messenger of Allah (S.W.T)

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The full name of the Prophet is Abul Qasim Muhammad Bin Abdullah bin Abdul Muttalib bin Hashim.
He was born in Makkatul Mukarrama, Saudi Arabia. He was born on Monday in the month of Rabiul Awwal in the year AAMUL FEEL.

He had 3 sons and 4 daughters. There name are

Daughters of Prophet Muhammad

  • Zainab Binte Muhammad
  • Ruqayya Binte Muhammad
  • Umme Kulsoom Binte Muhammad
  • Fatima Binte Muhammad

Sons of Prophet Muhammad

  • Qasim Bin Muhammad
  • Abdullah Bin Muhammad
  • Ibrahim Bin Muhammad

He had 11 wives

It was the year known as AAM UL FEEL when Prophet Muhammad was born. The name of prophet Muhammad’s father was Abdullah and his mother name was Amena binte ??? ???? ????.

The name of prophet Muhammad’s maternal grandfather was Wahab bin Abd e Munaf

The name of the tribe that prophet Muhammad belong to was Quraish. Prophet Muhammad belongs to the family of Banu Hashim.

Who Named Prophet Muhammad

Abdul Muttalib proposed the prophet Muhammad’s name as Muhammad, and the other name was Ahmed which was proposed by Bibi Amena.

More about Seerah of Prophet Muhammad ?

Death of Prophet Muhammad’s Family

Prophet Muhammad’s father passed before the birth of prophet Muhammad (S.A.W), he died in Yathrib (Madina)

When the prophet Muhammad was 6 years old his mother passed away. After the death of his mother, Abdul Muttalib nurtured Prophet Muhammad and at the age of 6, his grandfather also died.

After the death of prophet Muhammad’s grandfather his Uncle Abu Talib nurtured Prophet Muhammad.

When Prophet Muhammad Passed Away?

Prophet Muhammad died at the age of 63 years

He lived 53 years in Makkah and 10 years in Madina

He became a prophet at the age of 40 in Ghaar e Hira

Al Ameen and As Saadiq

The people of Makkah used to call the prophet Muhammad (Amin and Sadiq)

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