Eidul Adha is one of the two Eids of Muslims, the other one is Eidul Fitr.

All the deeds that a Muslim does is for the sake of Allah. Any thing Allah Subhanahu Ta’ala Ordered is Obligatory on Muslims and it is called as Ibadah.

In Eidul Adha Muslim Slaughters Animals as Ibadah and it is mention in Hadith, the best Deed on 10th Zul Hijjah is Sacrifice (Qurbani) ie., slaughtering Animal for the sake of Allah.

Muslims Slaughter Animals on the day of Eidul Adha because it is Sunnah of Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham) alaihis Salam and the Prophet Muhammad ??? ???? ???? ?????.

Some of the people ask or say that give charity instead of slaughtering animals on Eid Day.

We can answer this in some points.

First of all, It is Allah Subhanahu Ta’ala’s orders to slaughter animal on the Eidul Adha day. So it is the biggest deed and Charity on that day because of Allah Subhanahu Ta’ala’s command.

Secondly, When a Muslim Sacrifices then it is mustahab to divide it in 3 parts. One part for himself and the other one for his relatives and the other one is for the Poor.

Look no one will give charity of the cost of Sacrificing an animal. And one of the important thing is many of the poor people can Eat Meat in a large quantity only in the days of Eidul Adha.

One more thing, many of Muslims take part in Qurbani and they donate all of their Meat to the poor family only.

Now think is it possible by only giving charity, and if we say yes mark my words many of Muslims forget to give charity instead of Qurbani by putting it in pending and at last due to some circumstances they won’t be able to give charity.

Qurbani can’t be substituted by charity.

If we do 1 lakh of charity and no Qurbani, though we will get the reward of charity but we will commit a great sin of not doing Qurbani. In hadees it is mentioned that during 3 days of EID Ul AZHA, Allah loves Qurbani more than any other good deed.

Now think, is it possible by only giving charity? and if we say yes, then mark my words, many of Muslims will forget to give charity. They will put off doing charity and will miss both Qurbani and charity.

So Eidul Adha is the festival for the Poor people to eat and enjoy and In Islam it is prohibited to fast on 10,11,12 and 13 Zul Hijjah. They are called as the days of eating and drinking.

Written by Abu Amina