As 25th December is near many Muslims and non-Muslims ask this question that

Can we Muslim Celebrate Christmas?

Is Celebrating Christmas Haram in Islam?

Why do Muslims not Celebrate Christmas?

Ruling of Wishing Christmas in Islam Urdu

To answer all these questions, first of all we should know Why Christmas is celebrated?

Christians celebrate Christmas as the birthday of Jesus (ISA alaihis Salam)

Now, the question is Who is Jesus according to Christians?

As per Christians, Jesus is Son of God (Naoozubillah) or God the son, second person in Trinity.

You can read detail here in wikipedia

As per the Christians creed, we came to know that Jesus is God or Son of God (Naoozubillah)

Now wishing Merry Christmas means we are congratulating one another on the occasion of the birth of the son of God. (Naoozubillah)

As we all know Islam preaches Tauheed ie., Monotheism, Oneness of God.

When we Muslims believes that Allah is the Only One, and there is no God except Allah. Our foundation is On Tauheed then how can a Muslim wish Merry Christmas? This is against Our Islamic Beliefs.

As a Muslim, we have to believe in oneness of God and we have to abstain from SHIRK and attributes of shirk.

That’s Why a Muslim can’t wish Merry Christmas.

At the end, I will quote one Ayah from the Holy Quran, by which one can know Who Jesus is according to Islam and Quran

Allah Ta’ala Says in Surah Maryam

Jesus said: "Indeed I am the servant of Allah. He has given me the scripture and made me a prophet." (19:30)

So Jesus is one of the Prophets and Servants of Allah, not God.

Conclusion: This is Why one Cannot wish Christmas.

Written by: Abu Amina