Aasan Nahw Part 2

This is the part 2 of Aasan Nahw written by Hazrat Maulana Sayeed Ahmad Palanpoori Rahimahullah.

Importance oof Nahw in Arabic

Nahw is very important part of Arabic Grammar. We can’t eat food without Salt, likewise Nahw is important in Arabic Language.

Basically Nahw deals with formation of Sentences using words and the Aeraab i.e., Fatha, Kasra, Zamma on the last letter of the word.

Outcome of Learning Nahw

The outcome of learning Nahw that we can Read, Write and Speak Arabic Without any mistake.

You can read Reason of writing Asan Nahw here.

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Key Features of Aasan Nahw Duwwam

After completing Asan Nahw Awwal, now Students know the basic Definitions and terms of Nahw.

In Asan Nahw Part II, Maulana Saeed Ahmad Palanupur Rahimahullah added the details to the concepts of Asan Nahw Awwal.
Maulana asked Teachers to keep in mind three things while teaching Asan Nahw 2

  1. The teacher should complete the Exercise Questions of the book.
  2. To master the Nahw, practical implement of the Nahw Rules is mandatory, so teacher should make students to implement the Nahw Rulings in the Arabic Sentences
  3. During Tarkeeb i.e., implementing the Grammar Rules over Arabic Sentences Teacher Should Ask students The Nahw Rules regarding the Tarkeeb, so that the Rulings will be memorized by the Student.

After ccompleting Aasaan Nahw Part 2 the students can be taught Sharah Miiata Aamil(Arabic Nahw Book) or any other advanced Nahw books.

Download Aasan Nahw Part 2 pdf

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