Aasan Sarf Duwwam

Aasan Sarf 2 was written by Hazrat Maulana Sayeed Ahmed Palanpuri Rahimahullah in 1419 Hijri.

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Important aspects of Asan Sarf 2

Maulana Sayeed Sahab Palanpuri rahimahullah said in the preface of Asan Sarf Duwwam,

After Completion of Asan Sarf Awwal, the teacher should start Aasan Sarf part 2 in the first year itself. In Asan Sarf part 1, the focus is on the memorization of Gardaan i.e., table of verbs. 
Now, in Aasan Sarf 2 , mainly focus is on the rulings of Verbs and Derived Nouns (Asmaa e Mushtaqa). 
The Teacher also practically implement the rulings of Sarf in other Arabic books and oftenly he should Listen Sarf e Kabeer and Sarf-e-Sagheer from the students.  

Key Features of Asan Sarf Duwwam

  • Aasan Sarf 2 has focus on Rulings of Table of Verbs
  • It also focuses on Derived Nouns i.e., Asmaa-e-Mushtaqa
  • It explain in detail the topics of Aasan Sarf Awwal
  • Haft Aqsaam topics are not included in Asan Sarf 2
  • It has wide examples and exercises of Sarf-e-Sagheer

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