MESCO stands for Muslims Educational Social and Cultural Organisation.

Dr Fakhruddin Mohammed is the chairman and honorary secretary of MESCO.

MESCO Education
Credit MESCO

MESCO is an organization conceived and established in the year 1983 by a group of Doctors and a few other professionals for the upliftment of the Muslim community in the field of education and health. Over the past 25 years, MESCO has passed through various stages of development. The relentless efforts of MESCO are bearing fruits today by the mercy of Allah (SWT) in the form of following educational institutions.

  • MESCO Institute of Management and Computer Sciences (MIMCS).
  • MESCO College of Pharmacy (MCP).
  • MESCO Junior College
  • MESCO Vocational Junior College
  • MESCO Grades– The Mesco Schools
  • MESCO Cadre (Center for Advance Learning through distance Mode and Research in Education).
  • MESCO ALEEF: Delhi, Mewat, Bhopal, Cuttack, Gulbarga.
  • MESCO Diagnostic centre: Hyderabad, Delhi,
  • MESCO Education and Career Guidance (ECG): Scholarships, Talent-search Scheme.
  • MESCO Hostels: Boys, Girls.
  • MESCO House: Guest House.
  • MESCO Media: Printing and Publications.
  • MESCO means Medical Engineers, Ambulance Network Service.
  • MESCO Reach: Relief and Connectivity Housing.

Complete detail regarding MESCO activities can be found at MESCO.