Famous Hyderabadi Breakfasts or Hyderabadi Naashtey

Famous Hyderabadi Breakfasts or Hyderabadi Naashtey

Today Bajrai Online Solutions Hyderabad’s Biggest Online Directory is discussing about famous Hyderbadi Breakfasts.

Today we will be discussing some of the famous Hyderabadi Breakfast Dishes i.e., Hyderabadi Naashta. Other than Chapati and Sabzi which is the regular home made breakfast in hyderbad, our main focus will be those dishes which are outside foods and Hyderabadis prefer it when they want to have Breakfast.

So here we go, here is the List of Hyderabadi Breakfasts

1.Nahari Paaye or Nihaari Paaye: Nahaari Paaye is the famous and Old Dish of Hyderabadis. Nahaari is the gravy item and Paaya i.e.,Hoof of the Sheep/Goat. Basically In Hyderabad Bakre ki Nahaari or Chote Bhai ki Nahaari is cooked widely. Bakra or Chote Bhai means the item of Meat(goat). There are the places where Bade Bhai i.e., Beef’s Nahari is cooked. One of the Famous Nahaari Paaye place is Yaseen Hotel of Mangalhat , Dhoolpet. It is situated just in front of Mangalhat Police Station. Nahaari Paaye is eaten with Shirmaal.

2. Idli Dosa: Now a days, one of the famous breakfast among Hyderabadis is Dosa. It is a south Indian dish, normally many parents prefer to give dosa, idli or wada to their kids in their tiffin boxes. Not only as a Breakfast Dosa is eaten any time and mostly after midnight Dosa is eaten and many people have it by standing in Que.

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3. Saag Puri/ Saag Poori: Another Important Hyderabadi Breakfast is Saag Poori. Many hotels and restaurants in Hyderabad made Saag Poori and many people have it. Specially on weekends Saag Poori sale increases.

Saag Puri

4. Barkas Harees: Barkas Al Hadhrami Harees is quite famous in Hyderabad. It is also one of the famous Hyderabadi Breakfast. Daily many people visit Barkas Bazaar and have Barkas Harees as Breakfast. On Sundays there are lot of people who will go Barkas Bazaar just to have that Arbi Harees.

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5. Khichdi Kheema: Khichdi, Khatta with Kheema is also one of the famous Hyderabadi Breakfast. With Saag Puri Many hotels have this Khichdi Kheema. Khichdi is made with Rice with Masoor daal. Khichdi with Khatta and Kheema is very tasty. Not only in Breakfast, it can be taken as lunch also.

Khichdi Khatta kheema hyderabadi breakfast
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These are some of the famous Hyderabadi Breakfasts. If you know the famous places, do share your experiences with us. Definitely we will publish it on our Website.


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