Barkas Bazar

Barkas Bazaar is very famous bazaar in old city of hyderabad.
There are different types of Shops in Barkas Bazar where you will get almost any thing of daily life.
From suiting shirtings to Arabi Qahwa / Ghawa.

Barkas Bazaar is quite famous for Mutton shops i.e. Beef Shops. You will get Beef mutton from early morning in wholesale rates. There are many shops of Beef within a row.
You will get Imported Items specially Gulf items in Bakas Bazar like Ladies dresses, cosmetics, Burqas, Stoles, Arba Chappal (slipper) and the Barkas special JAVA LUNGI.
There are vegetable shops as well as grocery shops in Barkas Bazar.
You will Arabi Hadhrami Harees from the dusk in Barkas Bazaar.
Decoction and Arabi Qahwa of milk is also quite famous in Barkas Bazaar.
Early in the morning there is Auction of different fruits in Barkas Bazar.
Jama Masjid or Badi Masjid of Barkas is near by.
Abbas ground which is a big and famous ground is on the out skirts of Barkas Bazar.
Jumera hotel whose Biryani is quite famous is also there in Barkas Bazaar.
So Barkas Bazar is Short and sweet Bazar where you will get almost every thing.