Key board Shortcuts I

In this article we want to share some short cuts while typing over keyboard.

1.Changing Language: Most of us have more than one language installed in their computer. Now the question is:

What is the Shortcut of Changing keyboard or Computer language?

How can we Change the keyboard language without using mouse?

Answer is simple: ALT + SHIFT. The short cut for changing language without using mouse is ALT + SHIFT. Just press shift key by holding the ALT key.

2.Changing Screen: Many times while working on computer, we have to change our screens, like we are working on MS Word then we have to switch to our browser. Then our question is

What is the Shortcut of Changing Screen in Computer?

How to Change Screen of Computer without using keyboard?

The Answer is: We can change the screen of computer without using keyboard just by ALT + TAB key. Yes hold ALT key and Press Tab key.

3. Capitalizing The Words: One way to capitalize the words is we have to make CAPS LOCK on. But while writing any essay or article or any project, we come across some words to capitalize some words, so for that one short cut is just select that word and CTRL + SHIFT + A. Then the selected text will be capitalize, if the selected text is capitalize before then the text will become in small letters.

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