Educated or Knowledgeable

By Rakhshanda Zahoor

We start our journey of learning first from our mother then we go to school, that is the stepping stone of our new life as a child.

Educated or Knowledgeable Rakshanda Zahoor

When we go to the school premises we see new faces, a new atmosphere, new ways, and rules. They teach us, they make us learn like they are taught by their teachers or elders.

It seems we follow the chain and we keep on teaching the same to our children. We are given books in school like English, Science nowadays environment Science, math, and Urdu.

They keep us teaching A is for Apple and B is for the ball in English. In science, we come to know what is food? how do clothes help us?

In Urdu, we read haroof e tehji (Urdu Alphabets) and keep on reciting with teachers Alif se Anaar Be se Balla. And in Math, we just write the numbers with spelling or in figures.

And here our new journey of knowledge starts we start learning new things and percept the things as taught to us.

We learn the things in books they keep on repeating and it is saved in our memory but now the question arises does teaching us only these subjects by mere doing, writing of these things makes us educated?

Is this Method of Teaching Educating us?

This question roams in mind do A for Apple leave some good impression in your mind or does It Just adds information, does What is food helps us in feeding and nourishing our soul also.

No, absolutely not we just need to increase our knowledge and it doesn’t make us educated.

So what makes us educated is that we should change our way of teaching, and to some extent, there should be a change in syllabus also.

Is it enough to add Moral Science as a Subject?

By only adding one subject as a moral science, doesn’t elevate the moral in children. Rather, we need to teach it with every subject as a part and parcel of our education system.

It is research that the more you repeat the things, the more things get infused in us. So rather to teach A is for Apple, how good is it to teach Apple the same word with a message we should share our food.

With every alphabet how good is it to relate a moral lesson? With every question of science how good is that we also relate the eternal power of GOD. With every word of Urdu, how good is it to teach students Adab and Tehzeeb?

I am waiting for the day to see changes in our education system and dying to see changes in our kids as well.