Google Pay is a Digital payment wallet where you can directly from your bank account to other accounts. Other than making payments you can pay bill, recharge mobiles and other UPI payments.

Go India Google Pay

In each and every transaction Google Pay will give you scratch cards, in which you can earn rewards like Cash Back, percentage discount on some purchases etc.

Now a days Google Pay Started Go India Game, the details of the game are listed below.

How to Play Go India game

  1. Download Google Pay

  2. Pay Securely with Google Pay

  3. Collect both tickets and kilometre to visit the cities

  4. Visit All Cities in the Game.

  5. Earn Rs. 101 to Rs. 50 once you complete the Go India Game.

So What are you waiting for Install Google Pay and Play Go India Game and Earn The rewards. Offer is ending on 25th of November 2020.