How To Prepare For Board Exams

How to Prepare for Board Exams
How to Prepare for Board Exams

As Board Exams of Intermediate and 10th Standard aren’t far off. Many students have started studying for their good results. Here are some of the brief tips for the preparation of exams which might Help the Students preparing for exams. We are writing this article for all the exams specially for 10th Board exams aspirants(SSC/CBSE/ICSE)as this exam will be first board exam in their life.

Here is the List for Preparing for Examinations

  1. Good Time Table Will Make Preparation Easy
  2. Focus Well On Practice Papers (For 10th Class SSC Practice Papers)
  3. Select The Right Time For Study
  4. Relax And Throw Away The Exam Fear
  5. Practice Previous Years’ Question Papers
  6. Make Strategy To Learn Long Answers For Board Exams
  7. Sufficient Time Should Be Devoted To Self Study
  8. Summarise The Topics Using Flow Charts / Trees
  9. Practice Practice Practice
  10. Smart Work As Well As Hard Work
  11. Take Regular Breaks
  12. Have  Nutritious Food
  13. Drink Plenty Of Water
  14. Plan Your Exam Day
  15. You Can Do It
  16. Prayers
  17. Write Your Board Exam In The Best Possible Way
  1. Good Time Table Will Make Preparation Easy: The first and foremost thing is following the time table for the exams. Prepare good Time Table in which you should give ample of time to every subject especially to those subjects in which you are weak like Maths, Science etc.
Right time for time table preparation for baord exams

Focus Well On Practice Papers (for 10th class SSC Practice Papers): Education Department of Telangana has started Practice papers in all affiliated schools from this year. The Ultimate goal of these papers to Prepare the Students for the board Exams, many of the students don’t want to appear in it but it is one of best and easiest way to practice for board exams and for self evaluation.

Preparation for Board Exams

Select The Right Time For Study: Select the Right Time for preparation. The Best Time is the before dawn i.e., before sunrise, approximately 4 a.m. Studies shown that this is the best way for preparing, as we will be fresh at this time and the whole environment around us will be silent. So we can do more work in less amount of time.

Relax And Throw Away The Exam Fear: Whichever Exam it will be, Students will have Exam fear for every exam. So just relax and throw away the exam fear. One of the best way for throwing the exam fear is write practice exams. The more you appear for exams the less fear you will have

Practice Previous Years’ Question Papers : One of the best way to get good marks is by Practicing Previous Papers. So it is the best way to build confidence and achive your goal by practicing Previous exam papers.

Make Strategy To Learn Long Answers For Board Exams: Student should make strategies to learn long answers for board exams, the best way is to write down the side headings or while going through the answer underline or highlight the important words and term words.

Strategy for Board Exams

Sufficient Time Should Be Devoted To Self-Study: Now a days students are going to school in the morning and to Tuitions at night. They don’t have sufficient time for their self-studies. It is You who is appearing for exams, so you should give yourself a sufficient time minimum 2 hours for your self studies.

Summarise The Topics Using Flow Charts / Trees: The best way to prepare for board exams is to summarise your topics as you go through them for revision. You can summarise your topics in the form of flow charts or Trees or just right down the important points to link the whole topic. By practicing you will get the best suitable strategy for yourself.

Practice Practice Practice: There is no substitute for hard work. There is a famous quote Practice makes the man perfect. Practice Practice Until you succeed. So you have to Practice well for your exams. One thing should be there, practice should be guided one. You should seek help of your teachers or elders for practicing and making time table.

Smart Work As Well As Hard Work: This is a competent era, you have to do Smart work with the hard work. So appearing in Practice Papers with loads of Practice and Self Evaluating your self, and Practicing Previous papers and Practicing those topics first which have High Weightage comes under Smart Work.

Take Regular Breaks: If you are practicing or preparing for long hours, you should take regular breaks as continuous long hours work is not good for your preparation.

Have Nutritious Food: When you are preparing your exams, most work is done by your brain, so you need to boost your brain by having nutritious food. Don’t take junk foods as the results will be disastrous

Preparation for Board Exams have nutritious food

Drink Plenty Of Water: When we are preparing for long hours, we will be dehydrated so drink plenty of water at regular intervals to be hydrated.

Drink Plenty of Water

Plan Your Exam Day: You should plan for your exam day and be fully prepared before your exams start. Don’t let work last minutes

You Can Do It : Yes You should have enough confidence and courage and you should say this to you that “YOU CAN DO IT”. Yes you are capable of doing it. So you should feel and work hard and think that I CAN DO IT

Prayers: The Last One But not the least, Prayers. With your hard work you should Seek Help Of Allah. So you Should Offer daily 2 Rakats Salatul Haajat and Ask for Allah’s Help. This will be a power booster to your hard works. So don’t forget to Offer 5 Time Prayers and Recitation of The Holy Quran and 2 Rakat Salatul Hajat on regular basis and do Dua for Your Exams. Ask Allah Subhanahu Ta’ala to make your preparation and Exams easy for you….

Write Exam In Appropriate Way

Write Your Board Exam In The Best Possible Way: After the hard works of months you have to Present it in the best way. So you should write your Board exam in appropriate way. You have to manage time and give appropriate time to all the answers. VSAQs will be time taking questions, they will take ample of time in the beginning and just giving 7 marks if you attended correctly all the answers. So be aware of this that you should have ample of time  for your long answers. So it is the best way to attend long answers first as they will be easier than VSAQs and they will give you good marks. Use your time wisely. Write what have been asked.

Remember Understanding The Question is the Half Answer. So go through the question paper understand the questions and attend all the questions in the best possible way. Don’t leave a single question.

At Last, GOOD LUCK FOR YOUR BOARD EXAMS From Bajrai Online Solutions.

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