How to prepare for Exams in 15 days

In Hyderabad, March and April will be the season of exams. Intermediate Board Exams will be commencing from 4th March 2020 and 10th Board Exam will be commencing from 19th March 2020.

Since Exams are near every student will have Exam Fear in Him/Her. This is natural in every student to have fear of Exam.

Now since nearly a month left for SSC Board Exams and less than half a month left for Intermediate exams to commence, we Bajrai Online Solutions come up with the Solution to how to prepare for Exams in 15 days.

In this time, basically two types of students will be there. One of them will be those kind of students who prepared for the exams from the day 1 of the academic year. They were regular to school or college and done there work on time and participated in every single test with preparation and got good marks in every test or exam during the year. So they will have less amount of fear for the exams and they are well prepared for exams and just they will have to go through the topics and work on their weaker zone and they have to clear some unclear concepts. For them How to prepare for Board Exams will work.

On the other hand, Many students are of the category that they spent whole year in roaming here and there. Not concentrating on Studies and Destroying the year in fun. These type of students will have more fear than the first category students( if they take exams seriously).

So these type of students will be in survival mode i.e., they have to survive in exams i.e., they have to pass the Exams, not to get Distinction in every subject. If they get distinction then it is very good but basically they have to fight for their survival.

For these kind of students, we suggest some steps to follow

  1. They should ask their subject teachers the important topics or important answers or important problems to memorize or practice. After getting important topics they have to memorize and understand them and practice them.
  2. One important thing for them to practice Previous Papers because in every subject you will have some pattern of questions which are common in every exam. So memorize or practice the previous papers.
  3. Don’t go for all, first go for Long Answers. Unless and Until You are well prepared in Long and Short answers don’t go for very short answers. As very Short answers will be tricky and they consume more time. So first go for Long Answers as they will give you more marks.
  4. Offer Salatul Hajat and Ask Allah to Help you in your exams. Definitely with Hard work you will need Allah’s Help Also. So, read 2 Rakat Salatul Hajat daily and Pray Allah to help you out from these exams.
  5. At the time of preparation throw away your mobile phone and just focus on your studies. Not only mobile throw away every thing which distract your from your studies.

These are some of the tips regarding preparation for exams within a month. Details were covered earlier in How to Prepare For board exams.

Best Of Luck For Your Exams