Prophet Muhammad ??? ???? ???? ???? was born in Makkah Al Mukarrama in the year of Aamul Feel.

The Prophet ??? ???? ???? ???? was born as an Orphan. His father Abdullah died before the birth of Prophet.

When Prophet Muhammad ??? ???? ???? ???? was born His Mother Amina Binte Wahab sent a message to his Grand Father Abdul Muttalib.

His Grand father named his grandson as Muhammad and his Mother Amina named his name Ahmed.

In the Hands of Halima Sadiya

It was the custom of Arabs to sent their suckling babies to the desert women where they grew up in the traditional healthy environment. So Prophet ??? ???? ???? ???? was sent with the Halima Sadiya. He lived the healthy life in the desert and spoke the pure Arabic.

Then he return to his mother Amina and went to Madina to meet her mother’s maternals.

At the place of Abwa his mother Amina died, at that time his age was 6 years. His father’s maidservant Umme Ayman took him to Makkah Mukarrama.

Now the Prophet Muhammad ??? ???? ???? ???? was in the guardianship of his Grand father Abdul Muttalib.

But at the age of 8 His beloved Grand father Abdul Muttalib passed away. Now he was under the guardianship of His Paternal Uncle Abu Talib.

Written by Abu Amina