Nishviaak is a hand made service provider of Bath products like Aloever Hand wash, herbal hair cleaner, dish wash, bath salt, bath bomb etc.

Nishviaak is located in Greater Noida

The detail of Items provided by Nishviaak are as follows

Nishviaak Natural Hand Made Soaps

The NISHVIAAK cold process handmade soap contains no harsh chemicals or artificial dyes, which are absorbed into your skin through your pores with regular detergent-like soap from the super store. The ingredients are all natural. Therefore only natural ingredients are being absorbed into your skin with the cold process soap option.nishviaak Handmade soap is made of vegetable oils and butters that are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and nutrients that are essential to healthy skin. And, real handmade soap contains glycerine. 

Benefits of NISHVIAAK Cold Process Handmade Soap

The benefit of NISHVIAAK cold process handmade soap is that choosing oils, vitamins and herbs want to add to create a perfect bar of soap that is good for any type of skin.
It’s very important to be educated everyone about harmful ingredients prior to purchasing soap products.
You want to refresh your skin, not pollute it with chemicals isn’t it?

Almost always the commercial soap, for economical and competitive reasons contains Harmful Ingredients like paraben which can cause cancer.
With these facts, it’s not surprising that people who make the switch from commercial to natural soap almost immediately say they notice a difference in their skin and overall health. By avoiding synthetic ingredients like perfumes and chemicals with natural soap, you are able to boost your overall health and drastically improve your wellbeing.

Nishviaak Aloevera Hand Wash

Cleanse hardworking hands with our gentle liquid hand soap. Aloe Vera’s moisturising formulation with plant extracts helps to leave skin feeling soft, smooth and smelling divine

Our soaps and hand washes are made of organic and natural ingredients. We use essential oils and wild-harvested botanicals to create soaps that are good for you and the environment.

Nishviaak Dishwash Cleanbuoy

Dishwash cleanbuoy helps remove oil, grease,as well as washes away germs from utensils, glassware, and expensive crockery. It cleans dirty dishes and also gentle on your hands.

Nishviaak Herbal Shampoo

Nishviaak herbal shampoo contain ambla, shikkakai, neem, tulsi, haldi, reetha, aloevera, giloy

It Repairs dry, frizzy and dull hair.

It Prevents breakage.

Repairs damaged hair & promote strong hair.
This herbal shampoo promotes some antioxidant and anti bacterial properties

Nishviaak bath bomb

Bath bomb benefits

A bath bomb adds emollients and softeners to your bath’s water that moisturize and indulge your skin. No matter what your skin type, the beneficial ingredients in bath bombs leave it soft, supple, and silky. it’ll cleanse your skin, but the ingredients inside will also pamper and soothe it.
Soothes Your Body Achhes
Improves your sleeps
Detox your body
Fight cough and cold

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