Post COVID-19

By: Mohammed Abdul Rahman Akbar

 Madrasa Abdullah Bin Masood

what after covid-19

COVID 19 or the Corona Virus has been one of the toughest times in the modern world; there have been pandemics which have even wiped off half the population of the world, but for a pandemic to wipe half off the economy and currency of almost all countries is truly an impeccable occurrence.

Change is the only constant” who would have thought APJ Abdul Kalam’s vision of 2020 would have been devastated by the undiscovered branches of science. The former President who had a bundle of knowledge in science, couldn’t have predicted it as well. This is the beauty of nature and its functions.

Change is the only constant throughout the ages and times, there was never a time when a change didn’t occur, human beings always require changes to be able to be grateful and humbling towards nature and it’s massive contributions to us through which the technology which we use started its roots.

Covid-19 originating initially through China in the late December of 2019 and was on it’s way to an unimaginable first half of 2020. There have been many negatives due to the disease, but there are also many positives to be taken. Being optimistic about every situation always changes the view of life and enables us to be happy with what we consist and what we have faced.

Humans as the supreme entity of all the living beings will now be more considerate about the other living creatures, careful and conscious about their health and safety, as generations passed by, the human will was always ready to adapt and change to the fulfilment of their needs.

Online classes, work from home and many different contactless opportunities were created to the utilising the lockdown duration in an effective manner. As India’s PM Modi addressed the nation saying, home is the new office and laptop is the new workplace. We discovered how humans can almost adapt to anything around it and make out a better way to come out on the top.

This Covid-19 will surely be seen as a leap in human faith and keys to the infinite possibilities we hold. Children will now be taught in a practical manner on how to implement self-hygiene and maintain minimum adequate distance between other individuals. The young generation will now be cautious on whom they are around, preventing all the ways a disease can enter the body through proper care.

Aged people will now be pressurising their children and grandchildren to take proper precautions to keep their health and family health better. Everyone will now be more nature-oriented and grateful for what it has given us.

The crime rate has decreased rapidly and people are safe and sound at their own homes. There’s also a force of migrant people who have been facing problems, but this has let the humans care for other humans and provide necessary equipment’s for them to survive. There will now be changes and advances on how this unorganised sector of society can be for better and how we can improve their lives.

This is the beauty of human life, how it embraces changes and brings out a stronger way to face if the problem comes again. Nature did heal from the endless exploitation and endless poisonous emissions from Human activities. The Himalayas is visible from the Ghats of Bihar and Punjab to critically endangered species appearing in the wild, nature has surely given away to the other beings reviving on their own, the river waters are now purer, Air we inhale is much cleaner and now we are grateful for it. Nature always knows its way to heal and let humans heal and realise what they had done to the environment.

This Covid-19 was the way for nature to recover from the damages of Humans, one branch of science let all the other branches recover. We as human beings also tightened our relations and friendships, by being in touch with everyone and giving regards. We as humans have had mental peace, which was the major positive for all of us.

Mental peace and acquiring of new skills and knowledge enabled us to look at life with a newer perspective and how it is important to take time out for the family, learn new things, embrace changes and implement the real meaning of living and loving life rather than working as machines day and night.

This Covid-19 has truly been an experience for everyone. The basic sense of living has been restored in our lives.

Post Covid-19, things may return to how they were, but we will now be grateful, happy, hygienic and in the end, be a humble human always appreciating to what we have around us and living life to the extent of it.