Shops in city opened, But no customers

By: Mrs Afshan Fatima

English Teacher at Unique High School

Say No to Eid Shopping

It gave me immense pleasure to read in a newspaper that even though markets opened after two months of lock-down, customers did not step out of houses for shopping for Eid-ul-Fitr.
During Ramdan, a campaign “Say NO to Eid shopping” was launched to help poor and the needy. This message was all over social media and people shared their message on Twitter,Facebook etc pledging against purchasing clothes for Eid. It is good to see people abide by the promise.
In this time of great distress when our fellow human beings, don’t have enough money to buy a decent meal for their families, when thousands of migrants are walking back to their home towns, hundreds of kilometres on foot starving without food and water. Does it make sense to go and shop for Eid ?
One of the main principle of Islam is helping the needy. It is said in one hadith that “whosoever removes a worldly grief from a believer, Allah will remove from him one of the griefs of the Day of Judgement ” .
So let us donate generously and live up to our expectations. I request everyone to help in making this campaign a great success and show the world that Hyderabad is not only famous for its “Biryani” but also for its “Unity” .
I wind up vowing “No to eid shopping” I am not buying clothes for Eid, will you ?