Shahran Market: One of the Oldest Markets in Hyderabad

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Image credits Wikimedia

Shahran Market is named after Shahran Hotel which is adjacent to the market.
The hotel was started by Shahran Bin Muhammad Bajrai who was very famous at that time.

Shahran Market is located in Pathergatti near Gulzar house opposite Machli Kaman.

There are many shops in Shahran Market and the majority of the shops are ready-made Burqas like Suleman Burqa House.
Men’s clothing is also there but Burqas dominate the Shahran Market.

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Recently the shopkeepers made an association of merchants and named it Shahran Market Merchant Association.

All kinds of Burqas with new designs Indians and imported are available here.
The market is famous for newly designed Burqas and Stoles.

The road from Shahran Market will connect us to Panje Shah through Irani Galli and another route to Diwan Dewdi through Mir Alam Mandi