Telangana govt issued a memo to hold a meeting with Medical Shop owners. A direction from the govt is to maintain data ( address n phone no) of customers ( with symptoms) purchasing medicine.

Government of Telangana Municipal Administration & Urban Development (GHMC) Department

Memo No. 3654/General/2020 Dated: 17-04-2020

It is observed that due to some level of hesitation and perceived social stigma, people suffering from fever, cough etc. & other symptoms which might be similar to in hats with the virus are approaching the medical shops directly on their own & asking for fever medicines etc.

It is imperative that in a pro-active manner, we follow up on these cases which are having fever & other such symptoms which might be similar to those from virus. We should be able to contact these patients and get a test conducted depending upon the symptoms.

You are requested to convene a meeting with all medical shops including their associations / pharmacists association and instruct them to necessarily take their phone number & contact address of people who are coming to buy these medicines. They should hand over that list to you and you should maintain a directory of all such cases & get the tests done on cases which are having symptoms. The shop keepers also should tell the purpose to the people that it is for their benefit. This will go a long way in containing the spread of virus in a pro-active manner.