We made plan to visit Zoo in Hyderabad and finally on Sunday we went to Zoo.

Zoo is the short form of Zoological Garden or Park where a collection of wild animals is maintain for conservation or study or for public display.

Zoo is one of the best places where one can go with whole family and enjoy.

Thus, we went to Nehru Zoological Park, due to Covid-19 pandemic wearing mask is Mandatory else Rs. 200 fine will be imposed. By this a new business outside the Zoo has been started and you will see many people are selling Masks outside the Zoo, and daily thousands of masks were sold outside the Zoo.

We also purchased the Masks and went to buy ticket. There is a huge rush on Ticket Counter but We got the least Queue one. The Ticket for Adults is Rs. 60 and for Kids the Ticket was Rs. 40.

Helmets, Plastic bags are prohibited inside the Zoo. So Dsposited by Helmet at Clock Room or Locker by Paying Rs. 10.

We went inside and Enjoy a lot with Kids.

We have a lunch there and after lunch We offer Zohr Prayer in Zoo Masjid (Masjid e Firdous).

After Zohr Prayer we started Seeing the animals.

The kids are shouting after seeing each and every animal.

Subhan Allah, we saw Allah’s creations.

Here is Giraffe with his long neck and kids were shouting, calling each other to see Giraffe.

On the other side, it is Ostrich with its Long Legs.

The Lion was sleeping on the Tree and The Tiger was walking his area around his cage and the White Tiger was there for Public to watch.

The Cheetah was roaring in his cage and the small bear was there for Public display standing on its legs as if to entertain public.

The kids were running here and there and enjoying each and every moment. They were crying if they can’t watch the animal and asking the elders to hold them in their Laps to see the animal.

At last we went for boating, it was the last trip of boating.

In Baoting, they take us in Mir Alam Talab. A nice and small trip in Mir Alam Dam. For elders it was not so interesting but for kids they sat for the first time in Boat that too in the Dam. They enjoy alot.

The ticket was Rs. 50 for elders and Rs. 30 for kids.

While returning all of us were tired and wishing that some one take us out of the park and drop to our house.

Slowly like snail We get out the park and reach Home safely.

Alhamdulillah! It was a nice trip and We saw the Allah Subhanahu Ta’ala creations. Each and every animal was unique and different.

Abu Amina