Whatsapp introduces new features on regular basis. Some of them are helpful to users and some might be not so helpful to users.

Today when I sent a message in a group, after that admin of that group changes group’s setting to Disappearing messages.

After this Whatsapp has given a message that the new message will be disaapper after 7 days.

When I searched for the details then I got the details as follows

  • After Disappearing Messages on, the new messages will be disaapper after 7 days.
  • Previous messages won’t be disappeared.
  • If some one forwarded that message to other group where Disappearing messages setting is of, then that message won’t be disappeared from the forwarded group.
  • Downloaded media from the Disappearing messages on group won’t be deleted from the phone of individuals who downloaded the media.

Note: If someone took screen shot or forwarded to other group the message may not be disappeared.

Note 2: only Group admins can change the settings of Disappearing messages.

Note 3: Disappearing messages can be turned on and off in individual chats by individual also.

For more details visit whatsapfaq.