Language Ladder is a team of young dedicated individuals set out on a journey to help learn students from various backgrounds lacking proper communication skills in the universal language of English and regional language.

Read in Urdu

Language Ladder has initially introduced two online courses which are short and sweet for a 40 day course. We guarantee you with our right mentorship and dedicated assignments with a crash course of just <2 month. You will be able to read, write and hopefully through immense practice speak the universal language without any difficulties.
We present you the opportunity to utilise this time to improve your communication skills and learn new languages to help you in your career and life ahead.

Language Ladder is now offering two courses consisting of English and Telugu. A 45 minute online class will be taken everyday and assignments will be given on everyday basis to be completed.

Each course costs 250/- RS. With a certificate being given in the end, if the final exam is properly attempted.
We at LanguageLadder are happy to share our course with you and will be more than willing to help you out in the coming days as well.
For Admissions:-

Mohammed Abdul Rahman Akbar-

Hafiz Mohammed Sanaullah

So please register as soon as possible through the link given below,

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First class starts on 15th July 2020

For payment information, please contact us.