How to Type Delta in PC

If you are typing mathematics problems or solutions you will come across these mathematics symbols like ?,?,?,?,?. And it will become headache to know how to type these mathematics symbols. We have posted regarding how to Type Theta ? in PC and How to Type Delta Symbol. Now we are going to post how to Type Delta (?) in MS word.

Note: This Delta ? Symbol is Called as Delta uppercase and this delta Symbol ? is called as lower case in Greek Alphabets.

These symbols Theta, Delta etc. are basically the Greek Alphabets. So whenever you want to Type these all Symbols the best way is that you should know that These Symbols will be present in Symbol tab in MS Office. So, all Greek letters will be available there.

Now How to Type Delta in PC. Here we go,

Go to Insert –> Symbols

Click More Symbols, you will have this window, Select Greek and Coptic as shown in the image above from the tab subset.

Now select Delta Symbol which is shown in the image below.

How to Type Delta in MS Word
How to Type Delta in MS Word

Now, you will think this is a long process because when you are dealing with mathematics then in some chapters you have to type and retype the Delta Symbol in MS Word.

One way is that you can copy the delta Symbol and Paste it whenever it needed. And another way is when you use any symbol recently it will be available in Symbol Tab which is Insert Tab. Look at the following picture where in Symbol drop down Delta ? is available.

How to Type Delta in MS Word easily
How to Type Delta in MS Word easily

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